Clay & Space


Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach CA

October 27th 2013 - January 19th 2014



The Exhibition Clay & Space at the Laguna Art Museum was comprised of 4 separate gallery spaces. Gallery One contained 15 plexiglass  boxes, each with examples of recent work, alongside 3 photographic prints by Stefano Massei. In Gallery Two, two large, curving brick ‘rooms’ spacially altered the atmosphere of the otherwise rectilinear space. The inside of each room contained an installation of thrown pots, displayed on burnt wood ledges and made from material gathered from the Laguna Beach area. The pots were fired in pits on Laguna Beach itself. Gallery Three held a grouping of eight sculptures in a circular formation, small enough to walk around and large enough to walk through. The Fourth and final gallery exhibited two collaborative video installations. The first, created with Lucas Michael, documents the creation of a pot; the video itself is projected onto the surface of the same pot that it documents the creation of. The second video, created with filmmaker David Kelley, is a documentary homage to Corbusier’s chapel in Ronchamp France.